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July 14, 2018, Yufuin no Mori will come back on original line!!

Yufuin, a popular highland resort area

Yufuin is a hot-spring resort loved by travelers from across the world.One of Japan’s foremost sightseeing areas, it has many sophisticated art spots and other attractions in a tranquil atmosphere surrounded by hot springs and the rich natural world.

Yufuin area sightseeing pamphlet

Limited Express Yufuin no Mori

Resort train that leads you to Yufuin, an fantastic hot springs resort.

Yufuin is a hot springs resort surrounded by rich variety of nature. Experience its popular sophisticated culture and heartwarming treats. The JR train “yufuin no Mori” reflects the many charms of Yufuin. Once you step in the train, the warm yet modern wooden interior will make you feel like you are at a resort.

Seating space

A stylish space with a forest-like atmosphere. Enjoy fantastic views from the windows.(Yufuin no Mori No.1, No.2, No.5, No.6)


Any passenger can avail themselves of this space. Shortly before arriving at Yufuin, a cabin attendant will provide you with travel information on the resort. (Yufuin no Mori No.3 and 4)

Snack Bar

At the in-train snack bar, you can buy bento boxes and original merchandise only sold inside Yufuin no Mori.

  • Yufuin Wappa ¥720
  • Yufuin no Mori Bento ¥1,000
  • Yuzumitsu Squash ¥350
  • Yufuin no Mori Key Chain ¥720

Bento lunch boxes and beverages as well as desserts are available at the Snack Bar. You can also purchase original souvenirs while on board. (Yufuin no Mori No. 3 and 4)

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